The children’s ministry aims to preach the message through the gifts that God has given us where everyone has the ability to use it. This includes visiting the sick at the doctor, helping our fellow children who have problems, and using some of what we have or were given by our parents. Evangelism made by children, everyone is happy with it about it.

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Young preacher Maisha ya leo in Kabuga evangelical district shows his gift of preaching entitled “Why are you married?”
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Kellen from the Matimba evangelical district has a unique talent for composing poetry.

Helping is life. These children who do not have a father to help them live, their fellow children gave them help including soap, beans, corn, cosmetic oil, sugar, clothes, money, all worth four hundred and thirty six thousand. (436000 Frw) God bless those hands that give.

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We are proud as children when church leaders are with us, we feel supported in what we do, they give us confidence that what we are doing is valuable. ‘children. our sentence is this too We will continue to tell this story: “We are a gift from God, from the parents who gave birth to us, from the church that raised us and from the country that carried us.”

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The Officers of the North East Field cutting bread with some of the children as a sign of their love and support in their work.

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The head of the children’s ministry in the Union of Rwanda, madam Murerabana Ngagi Esperence, together with the heads of Rukara, Rwagitima, Gakoni, Kabarore and Remera evangelical district came to Kabarore evangelical in a program to support children and develop their talents.

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