Gathering Offering


Over the years, I have talked about planning to show our friends and neighbors. Our missionary work and its progress, I followed the example of Nehemiah. And at this time, I would like to encourage my brothers and sisters to learn a new experience of that man who prayed, believed and had perfect insight, who dared to ask his friend, King Artizarus, for help that would contribute to the success of God’s work. –MS, “Consecrated Efforts to Reach Unbelievers” (Efforts consacrés pour atteindre les non-croyants), 5 juin (June) 1914.

Let us rise up in the name of God and in his power to bring the ability to work its work. We will be doing the work of the 2nd sheep: We will preach to those we have harvested and we will grow and the ability to preach to others we cannot reach. God bless you

Arise! Shine! Jesus Is Coming!

This is one of the ways that helps the church achieve its mission of evangelizing, where every believer is asked to reach out to his fellow non-believer and ask him for help in doing God’s work. I am happy because every year the government gives us written permission to do this work. Hear what Ellen White wrote in the book “Christian Service” p.185

“For years the perplexing question has been before us: How can we raise funds adequate for the support of the missions which the Lord has gone before us to open? We read the plain commands of the gospel; and the missions, in both home and foreign fields, present their necessities. The indications, yea, the positive revelations of Providence, unite in urging us to do quickly the work that is waiting to be done.”
–Testimonies, vol. 9, p. 114

Plan to Succeed

God has so much in the world, and He has placed His wealth in the hands of all people, whether they are believers or unbelievers. He is ready to turn the hearts of the wicked, even the idolaters, to give of their possessions to support his work; and God will do it, when his people will have learned to approach those people in a wise way, so that they will let them take care of what they have to do and become lucky. Those who think that the poor of the Lord’s work are shown as it should be to those who have wealth and talk about it, those people can have a good role in promoting the true work of this time. The people of God have lost many good positions that they would have benefited from if they had not decided to turn to the people.
–Southern Watchman, 15 March 1904.

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