The history of the Ngarama District can be traced back to 1989, when it was established from the Ruyonza District. The district was originally known as Katabagema, but later changed its name to Ngarama. From Ngarama, another district called Ruyonza was established, which is now known as Rukomo.

Throughout its history, the Ngarama District has continued to grow and expand its mission and activities. Other two districts have been establisge i.e. Mimuri and Nyakigando and has also been a source of growth for another District called Rwankuba. At the time of its establishment, the district had 3,689 Members. Over the years, the district and its members have worked hard to spread the word of God and the gospel in the region, and the district continues to be an important part of the Adventist Church’s mission in the region.

Currently, there are 1751 members in the Ngarama province and are actively involved in spreading the gospel through evangelistic efforts.

1. Ngarama 32,282
2. Gatsibo 27,701
3. Mimuri (Utugari 3 dutuwe na 12,846)
4. Mukama (with 9 church member Where they do not have a church of prayer).
5. Nyagihanga 27,927
6. Ruvune 22,634
7. Bwisige 18,619

The church has not yet reached three out of seven sectors in the area, but we are planning to start services there. Our province comprises of 6 local churches.