The word “MIFEM” is used in the tire but is specifically used to designate the job done by women and girls who have been assigned to troops by their elders who have given their lives to serve their king.

Since we all need to support one another on this path, share ideas and advice and engage in evangelistic activities such “The mother of man has nobody she can’t save.” We are all called to the same work because we were all bought with a priceless sacrifice.



We teach women how to produce soap, tofu, textiles, and other sustainable initiatives so they can continue living their “tomorrow” lives.

Women making Soap


In order to prepare them to spread the good news of Jesus and grow spiritually, we’ve hosted retreats for women and girls and their elders in various churches. As a result, women and girls are encouraged by their elders when they engage in evangelism. Young and old united in a mifem: “We are determined to go”

not with force, not with even our own hands. One of our Field Apartments was constructed by a group of women and girls who, with the help of their brothers and elders, worked diligently for a week at the camp, contributing their resources, ideas, and time to the project. We praise God that it is still doing its job.

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